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Why goIFT?

International Food Trader is an all-digital independent news and media source dedicated to the global food trade community. goIFT is your virtual coffeehouse, an online meeting place that lets you access and share the latest information.

Your input shapes our content!

Our Global Contributors gather the best news stories, interviews and in-depth reports surrounding the international food trade with particular emphasis on specialty crop markets. We responsively tailor our content to our subscribers’ areas of interest.

Peer-to-Peer Sharing

Make your voice heard throughout the industry! Connect with other goIFT subscribers by joining the online discussion forum and by commenting on our news articles and other content. Feel free to ask questions and submit story ideas. You can even contact IFT about becoming a Global Contributor and have your stories and profile featured online. goIFT‘s peer-to-peer information sharing platform serves to strengthen and enrich the global food trader community. We are connected by our desire to provide this dynamic and historic industry with an effective communication hub.

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International Food Trader provides you with a round-the-clock virtual coffee house, your go-to source for the most reliable up-to-date information on specialty crops. Get the latest facts, figures and insider opinions you need to make the big decisions.

Join our vibrant community and experience cutting edge communication features that put you—the international food trader—in the driver’s seat.

What Does goIFT Offer?

News Website

Online News
covers specialty food markets across the globe, with weekly news blurbs, market reports, cover articles, and feature interviews. Our goal is to give subscribers a daily dose of current food trade industry news.

Digital Publication

IFT Mag is a monthly digital archive that compiles the monthly reports, articles, and interviews into an easy-to-read magazine. We bring you up-to-date information on agricultural policies, planting and harvest reports, and insight into market trade trends.


Online Tools
& Apps
 provides online tools and applications that make collecting market insight easier than ever before. Share your professional opinions with the IFT Network.

Contributor Network

IFT Network is an online community of industry professionals — including IFT Professional Journalists, Featured Guest Writers, Advertisement Sponsors, and Affiliate Contributors — that form a vital part of the global food trade industry.