INTERNATIONAL FOOD TRADER®: Our mission is to provide extensive coverage on global food trading and its diverse network; the buyers and sellers, producers and distributors, commercial vendors and the consumers that make up this vibrant industry.

Fresh Perspectives

IFT is an independent digital publications that provide fresh perspectives on agricultural policy, planting reports, market trends, industry developments and other information related to specialty food commodities. We also publish interviews with key industry players and global experts.

We welcome skilled journalists, researchers, and industry experts from around the world to join the IFT Network by publishing original news articles, interviews and other content. Our cloud-based platform helps bring together a global network of journalists and guest writers that contribute regularly to

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Writing for IFT

What We Like

Our themes are “global trade” and “community” as it relates to the expansive and integrated international food trade. We’re looking to amplify the global market intelligence of various specialty food commodities, to provide an insider’s perspective and fresh insight to connect our subscribers’ dynamic interests.

International Food Trader® strives to build a no-borders and no-biases approach to our international media streams, whether focused on a social, political, economic or cultural perspective on global food trading. We are interested in contributors’ ambition, being research oriented with an ability to tell a fresh story with excitement and refinement, nothing left to assumption and a clear focus on accurate evidenced data.