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Dry peas and lentils are two crops that are not predominately grown in the Argentine province of Córdoba, however, both crops show great potential and many growth opportunities in this region. Within the framework of the 2nd Provincial Day of Legumes organized last year by the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the UNC several specialists were present including Mr. Gabriel Prieto, an expert on vegetables from INTA Arroyo Seco.

According to analysis by Gabriel Prieto, soybeans and corn yields 25 percent more when planted after dry peas. This legume crop is typically sown in July, it is a short-cycle crop and the biggest limitations are the availability of water at the time of sowing and the risk of frost, says Prieto. But to have good moisture to plant, the expert establishes some differences with respect to wheat; as well as the noticeable benefits it can make when planting a second soybeans or a late corn crop.

Engineer Gabriel Prieto presents the following strategies and recommendations to plant dry peas and lentils in Córdoba and make it a good business for this growing region.

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