GPC (CICILS) executive committee Vice President and GPC IYOP National Committee Coordinator Cindy Brown explains what's next for IYOP.

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At the invitation of Pulse Canada, fourteen people gathered at the Leo Burnett offices in Chicago recently. The group encompassed all sectors of the pulse industry; growers processors, traders, ingredient manufacturers and end users. Attendees represented the Global Pulse Confederation (CICILS), the American Pulse Association and Pulse Canada. This broad-based group came together for two days to imagine, dream and align strategy on the promising future of pulses.

This is not the first time high-level industry members have gathered together around a common goal. Not very long ago, GPC President Hakan Bahceci, inspired many of these same people and others to help make the International Year of the Pulses (IYOP) a reality.

Now, the work done at Leo Burnett is the foundation needed to develop messaging that will resonate globally with all consumers of pulses.

Photo: GPC President Hakan Bahceci

We have an opportunity to define the message, to coalesce our energy and excitement and create an awareness of the International Year of Pulses that will help the entire industry worldwide. The following ideas are something our group believes; we live and breathe it. This is our manifesto.

It is time.

Time to rejuvenate the industry; to shift from a market share war to volume expansion – increase demand, increase consumption. Time to go from a quiet, humble food to, dare we say, a Superfood.

The time is now.

Now, we have the support from the United Nations. Now, the trends are in our favor. Now is the time to leave behind the baggage and birth a new category.

A category that speaks to the times…
Natural. Healthy. Non-allergenic. High Fiber. Vegetable Protein.
A sustainable food for sustainable energy.

For Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Oceania and the America’s, for the world.

Now is the time.

Never has there been a food so well primed for the health of the world.
And for the future of a growing industry.

It’s our time…

For focus. For commitment. For involvement. For investment. For rewards. “For two of every four products on the grocers’ shelf to contain pulses.” – Hakan’s dream

For pulses.

What’s Next?

The next step uses the same group to develop the message that can be used on a worldwide platform for IYOP. The group will work with Leo Burnett creating a communication plan that can be shared with all of the GPC’s National committees in twenty-nine different countries, eventually reaching all corners of the globe. Building further on GPC President Bahceci’s dream, creating awareness as one part of the five thematic areas of the International Year of the Pulse.

Source: Article written and contributed by Cindy Brown. Originally published in the GPC (CICILS) E-magazine.

Special thanks to the Canadian National Committee!

Pulse Canada has kindly donated IYOP marketing materials that can be shared with others for the next couple months to promote the International Year of Pulses (IYOP).

The following materials will be replaced with the official IYOP brand to be released in 2015.








Visit the website for information on how to support IYOP.

Participate in your country’s IYOP National Committee! Engage in the GPC IYOP efforts, either by giving a donation or volunteer to support the five thematic areas. Contact to become involved!
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