Happy International Year of Pulses! All over the world, Pulse Feasts were held to celebrate this very special occasion.

By Dario Bard

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After a year-long buildup that began with an official United Nations declaration last January, the International Year of Pulses (IYP) is finally here! And on January 6th, 2016, the global pulse industry and its partners let the world know about it in a big way.

That day, more than 140 Pulse Feasts were held throughout the world featuring dishes made with peas, beans, chickpeas and lentils. With so many participants, the Twittersphere went wild; people shared commentary, photos and videos of their meals under the #PulseFeast hashtag.

Stefanie Hyde of Emerging Ag, a communications and issues firm that is leading the IYP promotional effort, reported that 141 Pulse Feast events had been held, generating a social media reach of 21.8 million; at its peak, two Tweets were coming in per second.

In order to give readers a taste of the Pulse Feast festivities, IFT offers the following sampling.


At a Pulse Feast event, celebrity chef and Canadian IYP ambassador Michael Smith challenged guests to take the Pulse Pledge, a commitment to eat pulses each week for 10 weeks.

To take the Pulse Pledge, visit pulsepledge.com and then share recipes and tips on social media with the hastags #pulsepledge and #lovepulses.

“Canada can be proud of the pulses we grow here,” said Smith. “They are nutritional superstars, affordable and easy to prepare, and they are sustainably grown, meaning they are good for the planet, too.”



  This Three Kings’ Day, the Magi were on hand at the Alameda Historic Center in Mexico City, spreading joy, toys and delicious charro beans to young and old alike.  


Former speed skating world champion Erben Wennemars was on hand to help celebrate Pulse Feast. He gave an ice skating clinic at the Rijksmuseum rink and afterwards participants enjoyed warm, tasty pulse meals from the Blije Boon (Happy Pulse) food truck.

Bio Journal, Erben Wennermars start Jaar van de Boon



A Pulse Feast at the Singapore Swimming Pool was used to mark the creation of the Singapore Pulses Association Limited.



The Mersin Commodity Exchange hosted a pulse lunch for its board of directors, employees and committee and industry members. The event also featured a calendar wall with pulse pictures to be distributed to legislators, government officials and VIPs.


United Arab Emirates

In Dubai, the Istanbul Flower Restaurant hosted a Pulse Feast event. Hakan Bahceci, a former president of the Global Pulse Confederation and the owner of the Hakan Agro Group, reports that more than 150 people turned up.


United Kingdom

  A Pulse Feast was held at The Gate Restaurant, a vegetarian dining spot in the trendy Islington neighborhood of London. The event also marked the official United Kingdom IYP launch.

“The Gate Restaurant did us proud with a delicious pulse-based menu and good service,” said Andrew Jacobs of AGT Poortman. “There were more than 100 people in attendance. There was a great vibe in the room and a real buzz throughout.”

United States

The Black Cypress Bar & Kitchen in Pullman, Washington, served up a Pulse Feast for more than 125 dinners, including farmers, elected officials and members of the media.

“The buzz in the room was pure excitement,” said Tim McGreevy of the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council. “It was fun to tell the crowd that they were part of a pulse feast that was being celebrated in over 100 locations around the world. That made everyone really want to join the pulse movement. Hats off to all those who organized a Pulse Feast activity.”

Be sure to visit the GPC’s official International Year of Pulses website and checkout its @LovePulses Twitter feed and TINT page for more on Pulse Feast and other IYP news.

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