Pulse traders can bet on fewer lentils in the U.S. and Canada. Field pea production gets a boost in Canada.

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Trading has been moderate throughout the U.S. and Canada for peas, chickpeas and lentils so far this year. Planting is well underway and for the most part on schedule for these pulse crops. Prices have mostly been steady across all varieties.

The latest crop progress report out of Idaho (as of May 21) shows that 89% of dry peas had been planted by May 26, slightly up from last year’s 82% progress at this time and the 5-year average of 85%. Approximately 74% of lentils have been plated in the state, which is on par with the 5-year average of 72% progress and up from last year’s 59% progress for this week. 57% of dry peas and 42% of lentils have emerged so far.

In Montana, growers have just about finished planting lentils, with 21% emerged down from 85% last year for this time of year. A similar situation has been observed with dry peas in this state. Farmers have mostly completed planting but are only seeing about 35% emerged versus 91% last year.

North Dakota, another important pulse growing state, has reported 82% planting progress for dry edible peas, on par with the 5-year average of 83% and down slightly from last year’s 98%. Again, only 16% of the crop has emerged, down from last year’s 83% and the 5-year average of 61%.

Brewers lentils in Idaho and Washington are selling for about $31-33 (dealer) and $25-26 (grower). Pea prices (dealer) in these states are as follows: whole vine green pea at $20-22; whole upright green pea at $20-22; whole yellow pea at $15-15.50. Dealer prices were not established for peas. Chickpeas are selling for about $38-40 (grower) and $49-50 (dealer).

In North Dakota and Montana, whole yellow peas are selling for about $16.67-18.33 (grower) while Richlea lentils are priced at $21-23. Dealer prices have not been established.

Planting has been behind schedule as a whole in Canada but is finally picking up. The latest crop progress report out of Saskatchewan (as of May 21) revealed 52% seeding progress for field peas, 46% for lentils and 19% for chickpeas. Overall seeding progress for crops in Saskatchewan is 27%, compared to the 44% five-year average. Planting in Alberta is reported at 66%, which is on par with the 5-year average for that province.

Lentil prices are reportedly strong in Canada thanks to shrinking supply and booming world demand. Traders can expect sales to drop during the second half of this quarter when crops from India and Turkey hit the market, then bounce back up in August following Ramadan when India replenishes its supply. As a whole exports are expected to drop down to 1.1 MT.

Field pea exports have been up, according to the Canadian Grain Commission. The latest data from March reveals a total volume of 323,200 MT of field pea exported through licensed terminal facilities. This represents a significant increase from 114,500 MT, the export volume reported during March of last year. Canada has exported 1,356,000 MT of field peas since August 2012, compared to 1,214,700 MT recorded the previous year.