International Food Trader provides outstanding opportunities for photographers and videographers. Become a goIFT media contributor in either of the following areas:

Media Archive

Contribute to a global image database attracting an ever-increasing online subscriber base. We offer independent photographers and videographers direct exposure to the computer screens of top international food industry leaders and company owners.
International food traders live for adventure! goIFT’s Media Expeditions provide foodies and travel lovers with opportunities to take photos and film special interviews all over the world. Experienced photographers and videographers are preferred, though amateurs are also welcome and strongly encouraged to submit their work! We are looking for editorial and commercial photographers who specialize in the following areas:
  • global agriculture
  • people behind-the-scenes
  • global food distribution
  • international food culture
  • dining / entertainment
  • environment
  • health / nutrition
  • technology / tools
  • ag science

Media Expeditions

Review Guidelines

International Food Trader is an all-digital publication and can only accept images submitted digitally. Please email the goIFT Media Team 3 to 5 examples of your best images following these guidelines:
  • Specify if you are interested in contributing to the goIFT Media Archive or working on assignment for goIFT’s Media Expeditions.
  • Images must be in RGB and JPEG format
  • Images must be 800 pixels (longest side)
  • Do not just send links to your images or website. Photos for review must be received as e-mail attachments. *Links to websites can be included in the email for additional review.
goIFT‘s focus is global specialty crops with an emphasis on the themes mentioned above. Please email your work examples as outlined above with a brief description of the content and quantity of images you hope to submit to:
Once IFT’s Media Contributor Agreement is signed, the photographer will be sent an information package on how to submit images. The photographer submitting the images must be the copyright owner. The images will be stored in the INTERNATIONAL FOOD TRADER Media Archive and will be accessible through our international partner agencies. We reserve the right to remove any images which do not meet our criteria. Photographers or videographers work as contributors or freelancers. Contracted freelancers will be expected to submit images on a regular basis. INTERNATIONAL FOOD TRADER does not give accreditation to stock photographers. We are solely responsible for marketing the images and setting the agreement for the use of requested content.

Media Contributors

Media Freelancers

Selected photographers or videographers will be required to sign the INTERNATIONAL FOOD TRADER Work for Hire agreement. This general work agreement will depend on the assignment and experience level of the contributor. Due to the large volume of submissions, we will contact only those photographers we are interested in. Qualified photographers will be contacted 3-4 weeks following portfolio submission.
We look forward to seeing your work!