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Chippewa Valley Bean customers rely on our kidney beans so their product can offer the best ingredients at the right price. Our traditions and techniques ensure that the kidney beans we supply will give any food product a competitive edge for success.

For over forty years now, our family has grown kidney beans in the most traditional and natural way, without genetic modification. Using non-GMO technology with advanced breeding techniques, Chippewa Valley Bean creates seed that produces the highest-quality dark and light red kidney beans in the United States.

We’re sure you’ve heard the cliché, “we set the standard.” For us, it’s not a figure of speech. When a bean is recognized as being the highest quality, it’s often designated as meeting a “Chippewa quality.” Would you want to put your brand name on anything less?

Take time to browse our site. You’ll quickly recognize the scrutiny and effort we put into every bean, and the attention we give to each of our customers.

  • Processor
  • Supplier
  • Natural Non-GMO
  • Dark & Light Red Kidney Beans

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