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Fairman International Business Consulting has several clients in the dry bean industry who look to us for understanding the pulse industry in China. Dr. Randall Fairman and his business partner Jack Zhao provide their international clients with detailed crop estimates, crop futures predictions, warehouse content estimates and prices at the port.

Dr. <strong>Randall Fairman</strong>
Dr. Randall FairmanChina Consultant

Dr. Fairman developed an appreciation for scientific research and practical technology insertion during his doctoral studies at MIT. He has experience in large scale project and business management. Dr. Fairman lives and works in the agricultural industry in Northwest China, managing his company XinJiang Fairman International Business Consulting.

<strong>Jack Zhao</strong>, 赵金
Jack Zhao, 赵金China Consultant

During the last 7 years, Jack (赵金) Zhao has conducted extensive research in the agricultural industry in China and helped foreigners startup several agriculture related businesses. Jack is a business partner with Dr. Randall Fairman in XinJiang Fairman International Business Consulting Company and a true resource within the agricultural business.

Contributor Network

Dr. Randall Fairman is a contributing partner with the International Food Trader® Network, providing weekly pricing data and quarterly investigative crop progress research and production reports. Watch for the weekly newsflash alerts in Market Flash!


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