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Treasure Valley Seed Company (TV Seed) has two western seed production facilities. One is located in Homedale, Idaho, which is 35 miles west of Boise; The other location is in Powell, Wyoming in northern Wyoming 25 miles north-east of Cody, Wyoming.

Our primary business is to supply the wholesale dry bean trade a full range of high quality seed products that are produced in arid western seed production regions. TV Seed is committed to supplying the most current and sought after dry bean genetics.

We offer a highly competitive priced product and have a proven record of being consistent, reliable and independent. Our producer base has extensive experience and well suited to dry bean seed production. The employees of TV Seed are knowledgeable, dedicated and are provided the resources to fulfill our customers’ expectations. Integrity, customer service and value are things that we have demonstrated from start to finish in the past and will promise well into the future.

  • Black Beans
  • Cranberry Beans
  • Dark/Light Red Kidney
  • Great Northern
  • Pinto
  • Small Red
  • Navy, Pink, & Yellow
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