International Food Trader offers attractive advertisement space! IFT compiles all digital ads into an organized and fully functional ad library. This digital archive is an easy-to-access online resource for subscribers.

As a member, you’ll enjoy a clean news and media source with no flashy banners cluttering your sidebars, no soliciting pop-ups, and no advertisement pages when you print articles.

Directory Tool

goIFT’s Product Directory provides subscribers with a product library of advertisements and reference materials, along with the company’s short description and current contact information.

goIFT goes beyond traditional banner advertisement space!

Advertising with International Food Trader gives you the most informative coverage for your advertising dollars. Our advertisement guidelines make your marketing efforts a breeze with exposure on both IFT Online and IFT Magazine.

IFT’s Online Sponsor Page is tailored to best serve your current and future clients. The Advertisement Directory on our website is devoted to advertising your company and/or product with the content that’s most applicable to our subscription community.

Depending on your advertisement package, goIFT’s Ad Directory has the capability to catalog both your latest print advertisement and a digital brochure. The Ad Directory showcases IFT’s Sponsors by providing branding module, with an archived description, current contact information, and other supplemental materials supplied to our design staff in order to best inform our subscribers.

IFT Sponsors