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IFT Tools provides online applications and digital resources that make communicating with other industry members easier than ever before. Share your insights and stay connected via ground-breaking communications tools available on your computer, smart phone or tablet.Stay tuned!

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goIFT uses simple design and cutting edge technology to provide a reliable all-digital news source and virtual coffeehouse for the International Food Trader community. What’s more, all of goIFT’s content is shaped by your input. Every month we gather feedback from our subscribers in order to tailor our content to their specific areas of interest. Our goal is to create a dynamic resource and communication hub that evolves to beat of the food trade industry.

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goIFT was conceived as a “missing link” in an industry that relies heavily on quick communication and accurate information. By commenting on articles and participating in the online forum, our subscribers play a vital role in creating a more cohesive, better informed international community. We encourage our subscribers to be active members and make their voices heard!